Max Primmer

Max is one of the presenters on the Breakfast Show at Hepburn Community Radio on air Monday - Friday 7 - 9 am.

Max has spent the last 8 years hosting a show on community radio station Rainbow Radio. He brings his vivacious personality, love of life and the community to the Breakfast Show.

Also know in the community for his involvement in the Chill Out Festival as Drag Queen; Di-Alysis and member of the Chill Out committee and now involved in The Daylesford Cinema and Committee member for Hepburn Community Radio.

Trevor Shard

Trevor is a co- presenter on the Breakfast Show at Hepburn Community Radio on air Monday - Friday 7 - 9 am and Host of the Album Show on Saturday at 10am.

After a failed audition to study drama at university, Trevor graduated in economics and pursued a career in business. Post graduate studies included applied finance, governance and he was awarded the Buttery Medal at Mt Eliza Business School’s Advanced Management Program. He summarises his career as having “hatched, matched and despatched” companies of various sizes and shapes in the public and private sectors.

The desire to create and perform however has been never far from his mind. He plays guitar, writes songs and now entertains audiences as one of the presenters on the Breakfast Show and the host of the Album Show on Saturday mornings.

Robyn Rogers

Robyn moved to Daylesford in 2015. Her background is in the corporate world as a management consultant specialising in project management and organisational change management for IT. Since arriving in Daylesford Robyn has been volunteering as a member of the International Women's Day Committee, President of the Swiss Italian Festa, Cook at The Good Grub Club, and The Wombat Post Board. Robyn also works for the Healthy Lunch Kitchen 2 days a week providing healthy lunches for 6 local schools. Robyn is an announcer of the Breakfast Show with Max Primmer on Fridays and “Put A Cork In It” with Clive Hartley on Wednesday evenings.

Clive Hartley

Clive Hartley co-hosts "Put A Cork In It" with Robyn Rogers each Wednesday fortnight at 5.30pm.
He is a wine educator and writer with over 30 years experience.

The Sweary Doctor

Listen to the Sweary Doctor at 3pm Saturdays on 'Stranded In The Jungle'

Mark Dickenson

Mark hosts two shows on Hepburn Community Radio each week, ‘Us Against The World’ (5pm Thursdays) and the eighties-themed ‘Spirit Desire’ (5pm Fridays).

Back in the 1980s he studied Radio Production at Reservoir High School under two 3PBS-FM DJs moonlighting as his Politics and English teachers. They fostered an interest in music, and a joy for sharing it, that has never gone away.

In the years between then and now he’s written plays and short films, comic strips and television shows. Locally, he’s been a keen participant and general sound guy for Words in Winter, the New Years Eve gala and Inside Out Dance Theatre performances, and in 2022 he and his local writing class published their first anthology book ‘Dance or Drown’.

His love of CDs and vinyl records has never diminished, even though he feels like the last person on Earth with an expanding CD collection.

In memory of Pat Harrison

Pat was a co-host on the Breakfast Show for Hepburn Community Radio on air Monday - Friday 7 - 9am.

Pat lived in Hepburn for over 25 years and it never seemed a day too much.

She was involved with a number of local organisations such as; The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, Daylesford Cinema, U3A and was a volunteer driver for Hepburn Health.

During her working life Pat was a psychologist, a teacher a trainer and a lecturer amongst other things but her favourite job was as a hotel receptionist where she got paid just to be nice to people. She hoped that HCR will bring together people of all ages, from all over the Shire.

In memory of Mike Brown

Mike Brown was the presenter for the gardening program on Saturday mornings at 9am. Mike died suddenly and tragically on 22nd October 2016. He was an inspiration to gardeners everywhere, is fondly remembered and greatly missed.

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